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Today, it’s Monday September 26 or else known as the day the first takeaway appeared. These takeaway’s will be your daily portion of free marketing & management ideas. It will always be a selection of articles I stumbled upon the previous day. So I collect them and point out the highlights so you can chose those articles that matter to you. In this way, you’ll be able to start your day with a lot of motivation and inspiration and we all know that this will only contribute to you inspiring others. A simple but clear goal of this section. Ready? Set. Go!

How to Use YouTube?

My latest position was those of a video marketeer. This is how I gained expert knowledge on YouTube and online video marketing. All too often, companies make stupid and unnecessary mistakes in this field by a lack of knowledge of the YouTube-platform. They put some content on YouTube but don’t even take the time to professionalize it like they do with their website. This is just a way of letting opportunities slip right through your fingers. I’m jealous of the infographic in the post I share. I would have been proud to be the creator because it’s pretty good and extensive. It gives you a great resume of how you should use YouTube. So, everyone interested in online video marketing go and check it out.

Where are you your most productive self.

In This same job as video marketeer, I was working in a co-working space. It’s an experience I would certainly recommend. The old view of just having an office for your employees should be dead. Most people don’t need them anymore and will look for alternative ways of working that better fits with their character. Let them look for these alternative ways. Letting them a choice could have great results on their productivity. Every person has different needs and demands. Especially in where they work. Giving them the ability to personalize their work place will create more productivity since they will, most of the times, knows what works best for them. This could be working at home, at a local coffee bar, or still at the office. But letting them choose is the key factor to improving productivity.

How do you work more effectively?

Not only the place where you work determines productivity, the way you work matters as well. A place where a lot of people will look for the most effective way of gaining knowledge is at the university which is at the start of a new academic year. Most of the times, they will chose between pen and paper and their laptop. Apparently, the old-fashioned way would be the more productive one because you’re already processing the information a lot more while writing (because it’s slower) thank while typing. All right, go and find your pen and paper back, dear students!

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