Digital & Marketing : What will the future bring?

The agency of the future

Digital marketing is still relatively new. The agencies who got involved in this matter are still very much in transition, on their way to new best practieses. Those still have to be created. This article will touch several factors one has to encounter while building out a marketing agency for the digital world. Those have to build future-proof because that's where they have to be successful. Those future however still remains uncertain. Capabilities which we don't know at this time will turn out to be essential knowledge in this future. That's the main point an agency has to take into account. That's the understanding an agency got to have in order to exist and survive in the following years.

A community for online trust.

An important issue in marketing is gaining trust from customers. How to gain this trust however should not be something that is only envisioned by the marketing department. It's an organization-wide consideration if you want to do it right. Especially in regard to the rise of a peer-to-peer economy. Trust becomes one of the main selling points. That's because trust is crucial in such companies. How can one trust another consumer? Trust comes from reliability. An online community is crucial to guarantee reliability and hereby showing trustworthiness. Peer-to-peer companies should not only be answering questions on legal matters or the best user interface. They also have to find answers on how to build an as strong as possible online community. This community is detrimental for trust and makes people into the car of an unknown, non-certified peer. This goes against human instinct. It's one of the first lessons we learn as a kid : "Don't get into the car of a stranger". Now, here we are getting into strangers' car because of an app called BlaBlaCar. All because of trust.

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