Millenials & leadership : Good combination?

What’s holding millennials back?

Numerous articles were written on the pro's and con's from this new generation flooding the labor market: the millennials. I'm one myself by the way. We're ambitious but yet we realize there's more in this world than just making money. The impact of our jobs is probably the most important factor we encounter when we're deciding if we like our job. In this job, apparently, most millennials think they are leaders although they aren't. We still, as a generation, need to get those desired promotions in roles of leaders. This articles shows us which we traps we regularly step into. I also have to be honest. I do recognize myself in some situations. It's a well written article and it's excellent for true leaders to gain insight in how millennials think and act.

How to become more effective as a leader with ritual questions.

So, only 12,4% of the millennials are in a leading position. This means that other leaders are in different age categories. But even within these categories, large differences exist. One of the traits from the effective ones turns out to be asking ritual questions according to this article. This should keep your mind sharp and will enhance the urge for inspiration. What have I learned today? Wen was I doing good? When was I doing bad? Those questions are very important for self-reflection. They help you become a better leader. No one is born as the perfect leader. Especially because leadership capabilities change over the years and are dependent on different situations. It's how you act on your specific environment that can give you the name of being a great leader. Asking those ritual questions help you act right in that specific environment.

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