Google is everywhere

Once again, it was a Google-day. The latest tech news could yesterday be found at the hardware event of Google. Even I, who isn’t always that keen to try new high-tech products, was listening very carefully and got the desire to try these products. Google always seems to make life easier and more pleasant and that’s exactly why so many of us like the company. We love simplicity that turns out to be highly effective. Google embodies this. But I still remain curious how the majority of our populations will react and whether they will adopt the new Google hardware. Because it’s not about getting geeks to use your product, it’s about convincing the entire world.
That Google is everywhere can also be seen in the graph that accompanies the following tweet by Larry Kim. On any subject where innovation can make an impact, Google can be found. It’s remarkable in how many sectors Alphabet is active and with good to great results. Google is one of the biggest and newest giants in the world. They are internet’s baby. For many persons, especially elder ones, they even are the internet. And yet, this is not satisfactory for this giant. It wants more, and that’s why we can’t be surprised when they invest in Hardware.

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